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Medi Spiegelberg (idem) is an analog avatar.

As a multi-disciplinary practitioner, a supporter of poor culture and analogical creation, Medi's altered images are translated into vibrating frames and evolving colorful patterns. Also, remaining anonymous, unimpressive, elusive and ephemeral are proportionally important values in the protocol of his actions. Medi Spiegelberg (idem) is also an association that aims to federate its members around interdisciplinary projects: combining video creation, AV performance, drawing, scenography, websites and applications.

Amongst other, Medi Spiegelberg (idem) is a co-founding member of the artists and architects collective GALTA (→),
of the cooperative Library of Things La Manivelle (→)
and the experimental band Burning Spiaggia - Pyre Musik Mïzik (→).